Kate spins Records

Kate loves playing records from her vinyl collection. Her radio show on the beloved and now defunct Radio Free Joshua Tree was called Mojave Kitchen Dance Diaries. Her showed aired every Friday night and ran for 100 delicious sweaty episodes. Her DJ residency at Ace in Palm Springs was called Lil' Friday and she's guested with her favorite music aficionados in LA for Shake Appeal. Kate plays the best from every decade specializing in Soul, Funk, Rock, Punk and Freestyle.


Music and Kate

Kate's love of music started when she danced out of the womb. Her mom's dancing school was the root of it all tying rhythm, movement, culture, and celebration to her daily life. As a young filmmaker, Kate collaborated early on with musicians recognizing the linear mediums compliment and enhance each other. Working with music and musicians, playing records for friends and fans, and dancing in the kitchen are some of Kate's favorite things. Here are some of the best flyers from Kate's radio shows and DJ spots.